Maintenance Package

We understand that the systems and apparatus within your property can appear complex and most equipment requires servicing at regular intervals. These items are your responsibility to maintain and thankfully we have an established contractor ready to complete testing of all or some of the items below.

Every 6 monthly visit we will carry out the following servicing:

  • HIU (Heat Interface Unit)
  • UFH (Underfloor Heating)
  • CIU (Cooling Interface Unit)
  • FCU (Fan Coil Unit)
  • MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery)
  • Function Test any installed Electric Bathroom UFH
  • Function Test any installed Heated Towel Rails
  • Function Test the Smoke Alarms
  • Visually verify that the Sprinkler Heads in each room have not been obstructed
  • Take a Thermal Image of the Consumer Unit (Fuse Board) to highlight any hot spots
  • Trip Test the Consumer Unit
  • Clean all the Supply & Extract Grilles for the Fan Coils & MVHR